Cardiac PET/CT workshop 2021


Na de grote belangstelling van vorig jaar organiseert de afdeling Nucleaire Geneeskunde van Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep opnieuw een Cardiac PET/CT workshop op 2 en 3 september 2021 in Alkmaar.

Voor details zie:

The aim of the Cardiac PET/CT workshop is to advance knowledge in cardiac PET and to gain experience in image processing, interpretation and reporting of cardiac PET studies with a focus on myocardial perfusion imaging with 13N-NH3. The workshop is directed towards nuclear medicine physicians, cardiologists, radiologists, medical physicists and trainees.

This workshop contains a balanced series of lectures delivered by excellent speakers, and there is ample opportunity for acquiring practical skills during the hands-on sessions. At least fifty training data sets will be reviewed. This workshop will benefit both the implementation and assessment of myocardial perfusion PET/CT’s in your own institution.